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Hello beauties, welcome to my blog!

My name is Tina.


I am an esthetician, and foodie.  By trade I became a licensed student to skincare,  and currently I am studying to become certified in aromatherapy.

Becoming an esthetician many years ago, my passion that drew me to this career, has always gone deeper back to my roots.  I remember all of the skincare remedies I was taught to tame my very problematic skin.  As a half Puerto Rican and half Vietnamese teen and now adult, I have suffered from many skin sensitivities. I set out to learn all things in natural made skincare.  Growing up bi racial and really being one of a kind,  I only had my experience, trials and siblings to learn from.   I found the combination of what my parents taught me and the natural products really worked for my skin.

My current passion is to learn all products in retail, and home made skincare.  I will explore it all!


I am so excited to share this blog as a creative outlet. As I stumble into the ever evolving world of beauty, I will get into all things skincare, health, and beauty. This Blog represents my current curiosities, favorites, experiments, and lessons I am learning.  I am sharing them here to teach and inspire others into better skincare practices that are simple and manageable.

Thanks for stopping by.  Lets make it a great day!
xoxo Tina



I am officially a full time college student for business studies!  Still working on that aromatherapy course.  I am back at freelancing makeup art and green friendly facials. I also hold down a full time job.  AHHH! What am I doing?


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