Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask – Facial Friday #32

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask | Facial Friday #32

As a follow up to last weeks Facial Friday treatment, I made this weeks mask to help me get rid of the bad bacteria causing my breakouts. At least in theory, this is why I made it.  The way I see it, bacteria enters pores causing clogs.  Skin becomes irritated, and before you know it, little and/or big, whiteheads are invading your faces! Let’s give this acne fighting probiotic mask a shot!

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask Ingredients

1 Probiotic Capsule

1 teaspoon Aloe gel

Mix these two ingredients together.  Brush on and wear 5-10 minutes.

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask

When I started to combine the ingredients, the probiotic completely liquified the aloe gel.  It sort of freaked me out at first.  I was already committed to this mask so I went with it.  I will say, this is the worst smelling mask I have ever experienced.  After wearing the probiotic mask for about six minutes, I rinsed it off with some warm water.

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask

While wearing this probiotic mask I experienced some discomfort, so I only wore as long as I could stand to.  Out of all the products and homemade skincare I have tried, this one made my skin so soft.   It was unreal how soft my skin felt.  That good bacteria went right to work at eating away all the bad bacteria and dead skin.

I followed up this facial with my favorite moisturizer.  This stuff smells like tapioca pudding cups haha.  Yes, I grew up on tapioca pudding and not chocolate pudding.  We grew up with asian dessert flavors where there was mild sweet and slight savory flavors. With different textured jellies and questionable looking things that desserts normally do not contain, like red beans.

Acne Fighting Probiotic Mask

Breakouts cause so much redness, swelling, or inflammation.  Stress is mounting and the more you focus on the little bugger the bigger the breakout seems to get.  When these breakouts get to a visible whitehead stage, I personally do my own extractions.  If you do not know how to do proper extractions, seek professional help.  How do you know if you are doing it wrong?  There could be a number of reasons you are doing it wrong, to name a few: you get more breakouts after clearing one, your hands are dirty, the tool you use is dirty, you do not properly clean the surface of the skin before or after extracting, or you press on the pimple wrong causing it to implode underneath the skin rather than explode.


**05/06/17  After researching further, probiotics or the good bacteria, help eliminate the toxins and free radicals that can damage skin and cause early signs of aging.  Adding probiotics flushes out the toxins and helps repair the damage.  Good bacteria will create a barrier to protect the skin from incoming toxins as well.  I am hasty in my decisions for Facial Fridays and act before knowing the goods.  If using organic, good quality ingredients you really cannot not go wrong. No matter what two ways you come to the end result.

When in doubt talk to an esthetician, they would love to help!

Thank you for stopping by! Have a bitchen weekend!

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