DIY Skin Care – Farewell to Summer Mermaid Mask – Facial Friday #1

Welcome to my first official Facial Friday post! Let’s get started and learn about natural, DIY, and home made skin care recipes.

Yesterday being the Autumnal Equinox and summer season officially being over I want to share a mask recipe biding Summer 2016 farewell.


This mask is easy to blend up and will help any overly sun kissed face. It will make a great after sun treatment that has soothing and healing qualities, along with some high antioxidants that pack a punch.

Matcha Green Tea, blueberries, and spirulina are powerful antioxidants that protect skin cells from damage. Aloe reduces skin inflammation. Mint has soothing and cooling qualities and lastly French Green Clay is known for its detoxifying skin care benefits.

Lets unwind from the very long end of summer week and kickstart our weekend with this Facial Friday!

DIY Skin Care Farewell Summer Mermaid Mask


1 tsp matcha powder or green tea

1 tsp spirulina powder

1 tsp french green clay

4 tsp Aloe, fresh blended or pureed

2-3 blueberries, blended or pureed

1/2 – 1 Tbsp distilled water

2-3 finely chopped mint leaves and/or 1 drop peppermint Essential oil


Mix all of the first three dry ingredients into a bowl.


Then in a blender or mini food processor puree the aloe, mint leaves, distilled water and blueberries well. Add 1 tablespoon (Tbsp) at a time of the wet mixture to the dry mixture until you get a runny paste texture.  It will seem a little sticky if you use fresh aloe like I did.

DIY Skin Care

Add 1 drop of peppermint essential oil.  Apply it to your just washed face and leave on for 5-10 minutes.

Homemade Skin Care Facial

You will experience immediate cooling and soothing effects.  If you have sensitive skin I would leave out the peppermint essential oil, or add one pipette drop rather than a full drop.

There should be enough mask for 4- 5 uses so gather all your mermaid friends and kickstart the weekend together!

DIY Skin Care Face Mask Natural

Thanks for stopping by and saying farewell to Summer 2016 with me!

Farewell to Summer

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