Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne – Facial Friday #31

Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne


The lights had to be dimmed down low for this one.  I have massive breakouts and my skin is inflamed! Just wait until you see how this spot treatment helped!

Lately, I have been detoxing.  It all started with the cleaning products I was using in my home, products I used daily, and products used on my face and body.  I purged and swapped out everything to green products.  Then, I moved onto purging and detoxing my interactions with toxic people, the stuff I was watching, and the music I was listening to.    Even with all these changes I have made, I have still felt an imbalance.  This has gone on for quite sometime and  I have tried to figure out most of it on my own.   Feeling a little misguided, I went to a professional, to help me get on a good detox plan for my body and to do some corrective procedures.


Sooo..here I am on a detox and experiencing a whole lot of life at once but still chipper as ever!  Except my skin is going nuts, and I am breaking out!  Not sure if it is because of the detox or life.  Either way, it is happening and this blog is all about my skin care chronicles.  Also, acne is where it all stemmed from for me.  I had terrible skin growing up.  Now as an adult, I still experience mild to no breakouts.

There are several ways I have managed my breakouts in the past.  I always use what I have at home, in combination with what I eat, and decompressing from life’s: daily, evolving, situations that are stressful.  I will do my best to share what I have used in the past to heal my skin, and how you can find the triggers that cause them.

Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne

Emergency Spot Treatment

Honey 2 teaspoons

Cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon

Turmeric 1/2 teaspoon

Ginger 1/2 teaspoon

Black Pepper Essential Oil 1 drop

Mix all of the ingredients until you get this thick paste just like in the picture above.  The thicker and stickier the better.  When honey is warmed to our body temperature it runs.  We want to make sure this is thick enough to stick to your spots.

Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne

I do my nightly routine and then apply them to my spots and wear it all night.  If trying this and wearing for the night it may get on bedding.  If you do not like that then wear it for a few hours, and then rinse it off before going to bed.

Bath Bomb

I picked up some bath bombs from Lush Home Made Cosmetics. This is a neroli bomb called frozen.  Neroli has this amazing ability to melt away all of the shit from the day and just envelop you in a cocoon of happy good vibes.  There is sparkle dust that sticks to you, your bath, and anywhere this touches.  It is ok! A little sparkle is just what a goddess needs sometimes.

Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne

This bath was just what I needed along with positive messages podcasts and readings I have been following on the daily.  I will share who I love to follow.  Send your request to my instagram.

Emergency Spot Treatment for Acne

The next morning another monster was born!  While the other breakouts are no longer inflamed and going into the stage of calming down.  This jerk decided to make its debut, I hit it with and ice treatment. With love and care I will nurse them back down to nothing but healthy skin.

Ice Cube

For those of you thinking there may be cures for acne, there is not.  In a lot of ways I am so grateful for what I have experienced with acne and what I have learned.  Acne tells us something is off-balance and may need a good fixing.  It is like a tiny alarm system built into our bodies that goes off when something is wrong.  For me, when life gets crazy and I am over indulging this tells me to slow down and get back on track.  This has been my interpretation of acne and how I maintain it will come in other post.

Thank you for tuning into another blog post this week. Namaste bitches!

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