Ground Rice Exfoliator Facial Friday #19

Happy Facial Friday and Happy New Year!  We are at the eve of the Lunar New Year and this weekend I will be celebrating along side my family.  We celebrate Tet Nguyen Dan which in Vietnamese means “Feast of the First Morning of the First Day”.  Tet celebrates the arrival of spring based on the Vietnamese calendar.  It is a time to forget about the past years troubles and hope for a better upcoming year.  These few days before New Years day I prepare special holiday foods.  They each symbolize good luck, good fortune, good health and prosperity.  Homes are decorated and adorned with fruit and peach blossoms.  The colors used to decorate are red and yellow.  There are so many other traditions and the Lunar New Year is celebrated across most asian cultures.  I remember some stuff from my childhood but not enough to understand it.  I have been piecing it all together on my own for the past few years and host a dinner with my family to celebrate.  Every year I learn something new from this celebration and the Vietnamese culture.


Ground Rice Exfoliating Mask


2 Tablespoons ground rice

1 Teaspoon fresh orange peel

1 Tablespoon green tea

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 Teaspoon water


I took the rice, contents of the green tea bag, and orange peel.  Added them to my blender and blended until I got a coarse consistency.  Add the honey and a little bit of water.   You can try to apply as a mask but I think the texture may not allow it.  Use as a scrub instead.




Did you know asian women use rice for skincare and haircare?  Rice is rich in vitamins and minerals that help promote skin cell growth.  Women of asian culture will use rice water as a toner or for their hair to make it shiny.  We all know oranges are loaded with Vitamin C.  Vitamin C is known to stimulate collagen production.  I also added green tea to the mix for its high antioxidants that protect our skin from harmful skin damaging aggressors


When I first applied the scrub the liquid was running off my face and the rice was stuck in chunks.  I rubbed it into my skin better and the drips went away.  I also took my little mortar and pestle and ground down the bigger chunks better.  This made a really great scrub.  Make sure to lightly scrub in tiny circular motions avoiding your delicate eye area.  The fresh orange and honey scent is amazing paired with the great tea.

Thank you for stopping by!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi!  Best wishes for the new year!

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