The day I decided to get started!

The day I decided to change my blog,  over a few months ago,  sadly was never looked at again….

Life happens when you are busy making plans and ‘aint that the truth!!

There are many things on my plate of life and I tell myself everyday I want more time instead of saying,  I have the time.  There is much to say and share.  My thought process was to set it out in a cute little package with a bow.  That is not going to happen.  It will not be perfect but it will be me.  Instead of making plans,   I will go with initial inspiration as it hits me and fill in the gaps later.   Following some very inspirational people,  their words of wisdom have bestowed a swift kick to my pretty little rear.  The struggle has been real.  Really annoying, mostly at myself but eye opening!! In realization to get STARTED!

Blog motivation

This is recent distraction.  Kayaking and lots of family down time.  I love it because winter deprives outdoor fun,  but home girl has to work it now.

Over the past few years, I started a purge on makeup,  skincare,  and household cleaning products.  This process was not documented, although I wish I had.  It was a simple change that took sometime,  because either the product was used up or given to someone who would use it up.  Also, I had to determine good products based on the expiration date.  This took me the longest, because of not knowing when I purchased.  There was denial about some of the products,  and I held on to them for months sometimes even years.  Why did I even bother with products that irritated my skin?  It was trending  popular brands,  some expensive,  some not.  These products did not always cooperate with my skin after using for awhile.

Now, I realize the more natural made products work best.  They always have and now we are in an age where they are more readily available.  I will be sharing products and recipes that I am trying.

It may not seem like it, but I have a ridiculous amount of comments from the post I currently have.  I really cannot differentiate what is real and what is not.  Sadly, I think they are all spam robot comments, so if you have questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave one I will just have to approve before posting.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let’s make it a great day!




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