Skincare update – Exfoliation

This post was supposed to go up at the end of August.  Better late than never I guess…

As an esthetician I think it is important to go to my own esthetician.   A second set of eyes seeing what I see everyday but in another way.  I am all for doing my routines and methods at home, but I also support going to see a skincare specialist.  For good measure I got a second opinion from my esthetician class mate mid month.  She understands my natural methods and implements these practices into our sessions.  Although I have been following an exfoliation regime I still had the issue with my skin texture being a little rough.  My esthetician did a mild chemical exfoliation facial.  In her opinion I have been maintaining my skin extremely well and she also agreed the texture could use a little more work.

  She suggested I add an exfoliation serum and so I tried this glo-therapeutics Renew Serum.  This product has a very strong sweet smell.  She advised me to use only at night.  The next morning after using the serum my skin is super smooth and soft.  I have not used everyday but can notice a difference when I do.


Before I incorporated exfoliation back into my facial steps I took some photos showing my troubled areas.  In between my eyebrows there were breakouts that would not go away.  My skin texture was rough and my pores were very noticeable.  These pictures to follow do not show all that I am describing but this is what I had going on at the time.


In this next chin shot, do not mind the lovely view up my nose hahaha.  I thought I was having a bad case of hormonal acne.  For women my age getting acne in this area is common and can sometimes be difficult to treat because you need more than just a good skincare regime to clear it.  In my personal opinion, hormonal acne has to be treated through a consistent skincare regime, diet, health and de-stressing.  As you can see I had pretty bad chin acne that went down to my neck as well.


In this after photo I took just now, the acne in between my brows has completely cleared up.  There is some scarring present but I will work on that later.  For now my skin tone looks a bit more even and brighter.  The texture is now smooth and my pores although still large do not appear as noticeable.


Here is another lovely after chin shot.  Besides the scarring, most of the acne has completed cleared up in my chin and neck area.  I still have some issues because when I am at my day job I tend to rest my chin in my palms.


With consistent exfoliation, I have been able to maintain smooth acne free skin.  This skin reset took patience and sometimes embarrassing moments.  As I incorporate more back into my skin care regime I will go by more of a product bases rather than by facial step.  I choose exfoliation because this is a step I think everyone can incorporate and see some sort of difference in their skin.  If you are not sure where to start or what to do, support a local esthetician and ask them for advice.  You can also leave me a comment.

Thanks for stopping in.  Make it a great day!!

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