Acne Fighting Natural Skin Care Mask Spinach Honey – Facial Friday #27

Acne Fighting Natural Skin Care

This weeks mask makes me think of the Jolly Green Giant.  As a kid, he always made me feel good about the vegetables I was forced to consume.  I thought what a happy, cheery, guy.  I mean he is jolly because he is green and eats and wears his greens.  If I want to be jolly, I should do the same.  I guess it was more conditioning for present time and how obsessed I am with my veggies now.

This mask turned out to be multi purpose and I can still think of several ways it can be utilized.  The ingredients and preparation is so simple and the results are so amazing.  Another mask I was surprised how easy and effective natural skincare is.

I have been spending some time researching natural ingredients suitable for acne prone skin.  From experience, nothing in the world helped soothe my irritated skin like honey.  Believe me, I love the bees and would rather not steal their food but if there is a way to share it, then I am fine.  I go for ethical brands that are safe and responsible with their harvesting methods.  On the farm, in season, I love to drive through and see all the bees at work and smell the blossoms they work from.  We provide them with enough work, shelter and water to do what they do best.  This honey from Sleeping Bear Dunes they are a local mitten buddy and they do amazing things for the community and the bees.  If you go to their website they have a blog with really great post.

Natural skin care mask

Spinach Green Giant Mask

1 Handful of organic baby spinach

1 Tablespoon Raw Honey

1-2 Teaspoons of Water

For this fabulously simple mask I combined organic baby spinach and honey with a tiny bit of water in my Nutri bullet blender and blended it all up.

Spinach and honey

The end result made me think of it as a teeny tiny smoothie.  There are the two layers I typically hate when I make smoothies and have to shake for drinkability.  Not for this mask!

Spinach and honey mask

I thought how perfect it has separated for me so nicely.  I took the top foamy layer and separated it off into a container.

Natural skin care

The liquid that settled to the bottom was poured off into its own container here in the picture above.

Spinach and Honey face mask

Then I changed my storage containers for a better visual of what I was dealing with here.  Foamy ground up plant material on the left and all the juice that settled to the bottom on the right.

Acne Fighting natural skin care mask

 Honey is such a wonderful anti-inflammatory for our skin so it is great for acne treatment and prevention.  It can be used in so many ways and combined into so many things.  My favorite way to use honey is straight, as a cleanser.  As of recent I found spinach to also be a really great acne fighting ingredient.  Spinach is anti-inflammatory and effective in clearing up acne by repairing damaged skin.  It also provides protection against harmful sun rays that can damage skin.

Acne Fighting Mask

The remainder of the mask, to the juice part, I added some turmeric and ginger powder.

Super Green Shot

2-3 Tablespoons of spinach juice

1 Tablespoon Raw Honey

1 Teaspoon Turmeric powder

1 Teaspoon Ginger powder

Acne fighting ingredients

Not only is spinach good for our skin on the outside, it is phenomenal for our skin on the inside.  I always think of Popeye when he rips open the can of spinach and grows muscles. Spinach does that but with our skin cells and repairing them.

   I stirred this mixture up and managed to down half of the concoction.  It was manageable only because I thought of the other not so skin friendly things I used to shoot back.  The rest has been stored in a tiny amber bottle to finish off later.  I could have taken this liquid and added some clay and made another mask but then I thought why not double whammy the effects and take it in while I wore some out as well.

The effects from this mask are immediate and your skin will feel so soft and nourished.  I have had very tiny break outs but I think someone with bigger acne break outs can benefit from this.  Give it a try and stop by my Instagram and let me know what you think.

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