Acne Fighthing Thyme Face Mask – Houston Trip – Facial Friday #4

This Facial Friday will be part journal and part skincare beauty post. The post will be little longer than normal.  Before we get to the Acne Fighting Thyme Face Mask, I wanted to cover my trip. The different size pictures are due to some being from my phone and some from my camera.  I will be more consistent in future post.  For now, enjoy!

IMG_3180 (1)IMG_3187

I recently went to visit one of my best friends growing up.  He moved to Houston, TX.   This amazing person helped me to remember and restore my purpose.  For that, I am eternally grateful.  At times it takes these amazing humans to remind you who you really are and what you are really capable of.  I am so lucky for the friends I have.  Especially my friend I refer to as my cosmic twin, Michael!

This was our first stop in the biggest city in the nation, Houston, TX.  I am unsure what the name of the place is, but the neon green sign is what is in the front entrance.  It is an authentic Mexican style cocktail bar and all the drinks are made super fresh!  We had the best non-alcoholic lemonade, and an apple brandy drink.

IMG_3195 (1)

 This view of the bar specifically, transported me to the theme of the place.  After the young couple making out cleared away, I started snapping photos of this unique spot.  There was more I wanted to photograph but we had to move on.  This was the first time I was inspired enough to bust out my gigantic camera and start snapping away,  even amongst a bar full of people. I am hoping to no longer shy away from doing so when photographs like these can be made.  I am a sucker for anything naturally beautiful!


We also spent some time in the Menil Collection Museum and the Rothko Meditation Chapel.  I was not suppose to photograph in the meditation chapel,  which I completely respect, but here is the picture I took before I was asked not to anymore.  Houston has a museum district I am eager to revisit and explore.     We also attended a Greek Festival and an outdoor concert in a park in the museum district.

Houston Meditation


During travel, all I could think of was a TSA person saying “Mam what is this powder in these jars? Why do you need all these bottles of essential oils?”  I was half expecting to be questioned but then I decided to check my bag for the flight to Texas.  I was able to bring what I needed with zero issues.  I already had an idea of Michael’s skin concerns and knew exactly what to bring.   He has excess oily skin, prone to acne breakouts, and I wanted to make him a good clay mask.

Most people think charcoal is the best detox method but for acne prone skin specifically I believe green clay has great qualities.  It is known for literally drinking up oil and impurities from the skin.  Matcha green tea powder and spirulina powder were added for their antioxidant benefits.  I added redmond clay because it also draws out toxins and infections from the skin.  Thyme has been know to contain a significantly higher antibacterial effect than standard benzoyl peroxide.

Here are the ingredients I used for this custom mask.

1 tsp French green clay

1/8 tsp matcha green tea

1/8 tsp spirulina

1 tsp Redmond Clay

1 drop Thyme essential oil

1 Tbsp distilled water

Acne fighting face mask DIY

Enjoy this custom Acne fighting face mask recipe.  I love the opportunity to share my creations!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope the Acne Fighting Thyme Face Mask helps! Make a friends day great!

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