Banana Oat Mask Facial Friday #11

It is Facial Friday and December!!

It is late in the evening, and I am posting… late.  I just arrived home and whipped up this mask.  Tonights event, I got to attend my first official Ball/Gala event.  I will not go into to much detail but I will say it was a lot of really pretty dresses, drinks, food, and donations for a good cause.  The Ball was put on by our new Secretary of Education Mrs Betsy Devos and I am glad to have experienced it.

December…!  This is the month that my skin goes crazy dry.  My skin texture gets extra rough and I just need to start using the richer thicker skincare products.  This mask I made was done on the fly and inspired by Lush Homemade Cosmetics Oatifix Mask.  I do not even know if the store makes this one anymore.  I used to buy the fresh face mask weekly but I started learning homemade skincare.  I love to create recipes and well that cut my product purchase addiction.  Also I am a crazy foodie and so I had most of the ingredients but changed it up to what I like.


Banana Oat Mask


1/3 Fresh Banana

1/2 Tablespoon Raw honey

1 Tablespoon Oatmeal

1 Chamomile Tea bag

1 teaspoon Coconut oil

I started by mashing the banana well with a fork in a small bowl.  I then combined the rest of the ingredients and tried to mash and mix further.  If my husband was not sleeping I would have blended it all into a nice smooth paste mixture.  Maybe another day.


You get this chunky mask that you have to brush onto your skin as best as you can.  The smell of chamomile really relaxed me and made it nearly impossible to finish posting.  When wearing the mask the coconut oil chunks will sort of melt down onto your lips and neck.  I live in a cold state so our coconut oil is solid until it touches the skin.  I truly loved the coconut oil melting while wearing the mask.  That vitamin E coating my lips and neck was a perfect finish to the mask experience.  Banana is somehow nourishing for dry skin.  I keep reading about banana being hydrating? I think the potassium somehow hydrates your skin cells.  I will research this further. For now, I am a visual learner, I see, I make, I try and then I analyze and research further if I like.  This is one of those moments.  Did I mention I was tired.  After I rinsed the mask I lightly patted my skin dry because a layer of oil is left behind and I did not want to wipe it away.  I know this was short and brief and I hope you still enjoy and are inspired to make a mask.


Thanks for stopping by!  I will also say about the Ball/Gala is, how inspiring!  If you live in a community you love, find ways to give. Rather it be your time, talents, a smile it can be anything.  I sat among some amazing, talented people and learned there are more ways to give back than just through money.  Some people need kindness,  integrity, and compassion.

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