Simple Green Tea and Coconut Facial Scrub

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

Simple Green Tea and Coconut Facial Scrub | Facial Friday #34

Here is a simple scrub recipe for this week. I like to get down with a good scrub as often as I can and this simple green tea and coconut facial scrub is perfect for that! Big pores equal sebum build up and hardening; making little white head pricks all over my t-zone.  A good scrub down helps manage them.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

I simply take tea and sugar to make this simple yet effective scrub and mask.

Green Tea and Coconut Facial Scrub Ingredients

1 Tea Bag or 1 Tablespoon of Green Tea and/or 1 Teaspoon of Matcha powder

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Sugar

1 Teaspoon of Oil (you choose)

I started this one by grinding down some jasmine tea into a chunky powder texture.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

Then, I combined the other dry ingredients.  I also used matcha because why not..I took the dry mixture and added it to a clean container for storage.  This recipe makes more than what you would need to use for one facial mask. You can store some for later or you can use all of it for your face and body.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

This is how I prefer to melt my coconut oil, I cannot remember the correct term for this.  I think it is a double boil method? Once upon a time I was a cooking whiz and I traded it all for makeup brushes and facial brushes.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

When there is little pieces of coconut oil left suspended in the melted oil; I turn off the heat and let it melt the rest of the way on its own.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

Then, I take about one teaspoon of the dry mixture and slowly incorporate the oil until I get the consistency I want.  I like it slightly moistened with the oil, just enough to make it spreadable.  I found using the coconut sugar worked great for a scrub because it did not melt away as quickly as a raw sugar would and it was less jagged.  The texture stayed nice and course like a fine sand.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

My initial intentions were to make this a mask.  When I applied the scrub it did not seem to do much by way of mask treatment, so I started to very lightly and slowly massage the scrub into tiny circular motions over my bathroom sink. I used slightly moistened fingers and then the mask started to ball away from my skin leaving behind the oil and matcha on my skin and big balled up pieces of green tea and sugar started to fall away.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

I go back and fourth using coconut oil.  If you have large pores and are prone to break outs I believe it is not recommended, but also when it touches your skin it immediately melts to body temperature.  Not sure which is accurate and I like to try it out for myself and then draw a conclusion.  I do not prefer this type of oil for facial use.  From my experience, it just leaves behind to much oil residue than what I would like. After giving my skin a good gentle scrub down I did give it a good wash with some Dr Bronners castile soap.

Coconut Facial Scrub with Green Tea

I finished with this moisturizer which has given my skin so much glow and love.  I am obsessed with this moisturizer currently.

This scrub did a great job of getting rid of the little white heads in my t-zone area.  Lately, besides the occasional hormonal break outs, this has been my biggest issue.  These little white heads end up very visibly covering the area between my brows and the area out side of my nostrils.  The only remedy is a good exfoliation.  I remember trying every scrub product I could get my hands on only to agitate my skin further causing break outs.  When I create my own, it is fresh and I control the ingredients.  I have had no irritation or issues when I make my own.  My goal is to inspire you if you are having constant irritation from products that promise results.  I know the feeling trying product after product to only find the same thing happening after every single use.

Thank You for Reading!

Making my own skincare and using more natural products has been the best decision I have made for my skin.

As always I thank you a 100 times over for checking out my blog.  Sending my love may peace be with you this weekend!


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