Cranberry Orange Peel Mask Facial Friday #12

It is Friyay!! The yay is because it is Facial time!!  This weeks Facial Friday I had a friend special request a  skincare peel mask.

For those of you getting to know me must realize by now I love to stay within the theme of the month.  There were so many ways I could go with this, but I choose to use cranberry and orange.  I mean seriously they are the quintessential fruits of December.  If you know of any other winter fruits please comment and let me know.  These two fruits I choose also happen to be high in vitamin C.  Vitamin C is known to be vital in the production of collagen and have antioxidant properties also making it a great protector against environmental aggressors that only want to age your skin.  While researching peel mask,  I came up pretty short in terms of mask that are homemade and natural.  I did want to try a jello mask for a long time now and found agar powder to be a vegan gelatin substitute.  Has anyone else considered going vegan? What sort of substitutes have you found? Hey I guess it is question day and I feel I am to early in the game for responses but I will ask anyway.  Moving on..  I choose a peel because for those of you who have followed along know I have this issue with rough texture on my skin.  A good peel will lock in hydration while you peel away the impurities and dead skin causing the rough and dull look to go away.  As with all my mask,  the goal is to reveal soft, silky skin every time.

I am going to break down how I accomplished this mask.  Similar to making a good meal, when you start to cook, you want to have all your ingredients prepped and your dishes ready.

Cranberry Orange Peel Away Mask


1/2 cup of water

1/2 Tablespoon agar powder

5 capsules concentrated cranberry powder

1 tsp orange zest

1 tsp orange juice


I start with the capsules.  Now, you want to make sure they are capsules and not tablets.  Unless you want to add a step and grind down tablets into a powder.  You do you!  I choose capsules and I made sure in the ingredients it said cranberry powder.  I took a gamble when I purchased these from my local health food store and to my relief they turned out to be the red color I expected a cranberry powder pill to look.  Also when dissecting the pills I could smell cranberry.


I then took my orange and microplane and zest the outer part of the orange all the way around.


From both of the first two steps I ended up with this.  The dish in the picture is similar to a sushi soy dish.  It may even be one used for that purpose, but in my house it is a skincare ingredient dish.  If you want to be exact this is a good indication or point of reference for you.


I am a one women show and could only photograph so much.  In as best detail as possible I will explain the next steps.

You will then take your 1/2 cup of water and orange juice then add to a tiny sauce pot and bring to a boil.  I dumped in the cranberry powder and orange zest to let it steep in the water while it came to a boil.  I used such small quantities and what came next happened very fast.  When your water begins to boil, with whisk in one hand and agar powder in the other.  Start adding the agar and whisking at the same time.  It will start to bubble and look thicker than liquid, at this point turn off your heat and transfer the liquid to another dish so it can start cooling down.  Side note I slowly sprinkled in the agar so I would not end up with big lumps of jello.


It took about 5- 10 minutes to let it cool down.  You want to cool it just enough to where you can handle applying warmed liquid on your face.


Seriously as warm as you can stand it just start layering the mask on.  It will be runny at first and then start to dry and harden.  At this point you want to try and pour the stuff on quick.  I used a fan facial brush to apply the mask.


This is another mask you want to have serious resting bitch face for as long as you can.  When I made this the first time,  I was on a call with my friend,  he made me laugh and the whole bottom half of the mask fell off.  This mask will not rip the gunk out of your pores, like the real good stuff you want to get rid of, but it will take away some dead skin.  For those of you with big pores like me and you think doing stuff like extreme peels and ripping the bejesus out of your pores will shrink them…. You are wrong.  Best to embrace you pores and maybe exfoliate more.  Pores do not shrink!! More on this later.

Thanks for stopping by!! To my best friend, Happy Birthday!!  You like so many women out there who need to know, you are a super women and I am honored to be your friend and know you!  Love you girl!!

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