My current exfoliation stash…

Here are some of the products I am currently using to exfoliate…

I love a good foamy cleanser, especially when using a facial brush.  The suds and that squeaky clean feeling!  Who is with me?  I found this one from Andalou naturals,  they are such a great brand.  The foam is very gentle, and having sensitive skin I have not felt that tight drying feeling after using.  I bought it at my local health food store.


Purely for research purposes, I picked up this Alba Botanica exfoliator.  I normally break out with these scrubby textured type scrubs, but this one has shown no signs of irritation on my skin.  The smell and the texture is actually really nice, it smells like fresh orange rind and the product is not harsh.  This is also from my local health food store.

The brush on the left was purchased from vanity planet store and this is the spin for perfect skin brush.  Total impulse buy from watching like 5 you tubers and it was only $30.  I have used a clarisonic before and frankly prefer it to this device.  For now this does the trick.


These little tablets from Feather & Bone, when activated by water, turn into this smooth paste with a lightly grainy texture.  If you like the smell of sandalwood this is one of only three ingredients!  Products like this make me so happy.  Simple, effective and easy to use.  They are a dream to travel with.


I am using these products depending on how my skin feels at the end of the day.  If I want a super deep clean I use the Alba Botanica scrub with the brush.  If you have super sensitive skin I do not recommend this.

Thanks for stopping by.  Let make it a great day and make another persons day great, or just smile, life is to great!

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