Fresh Face Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Blueberry Mask DIY

Lush Fresh Face Catastrophe Blueberry Mask

I am having so much fun in the sun! A facial mask I use to calm my skin from all the sun exposure is an inspiration from Lush Fresh Homemade Cosmetics. This is my take on the Fresh Face Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Blueberry Mask.  It is currently blueberry season on our farm and as I restock my little antioxidant gems I am reminded to try this mask recipe.

This blueberry mask is made using calamine lotion.  Personally, I do not really like the smell of calamine, but the benefits from using it are to good to pass up. Calamine is especially great with sunburnt and very sensitive skin.  If you try the Lush Fresh Face mask, it is deep cleansing yet soothing to sensitive skin types. Lush uses European blueberries also known as billberry, which is very similar to an American blueberry.  Blueberries are packed with antioxidants (protect against free radicals = yucky air stuff that sticks to your skin) all the other featured ingredients are soothing, cleansing and anti-inflammatory (helps with redness). This mask is safe to be used by sensitive skin types.

DIY Lush Fresh Face Catastrophe Cosmetic Blueberry Mask Ingredients

1 Tablespoon Calamine lotion

2 Tablespoons Kaolin Clay

1 teaspoon Spirulina

4-5 mashed fresh Blueberries

1/2 teaspoon Glycerine

1 teaspoon Sunflower Oil

2 drops Lavender Essential Oil

 2 drops Lemon Essential Oil

Start by combining all of the ingredients except the blueberries. Do not stir anything yet.  Take the blueberries and mash them.  Then, add everything together in one bowl and combine well. Spread a layer of this on your face and let it sit for about 10 – 15 minutes.

I did not mention above, this will help combat redness as it says on the Lush description. Since these ingredients are so close to what they use, this mask will as well.  I did make some alterations to the ingredients because I used what I had on hand, but it turned out really well and soothed my very sensitive skin.  The sun sure did a number on my skin and I have been very careful to avoid it at all cost until I am healed.

Instead of chamomile and orange oil, I opted for lavender and lemon which have beautiful qualities.  Lavender is very soothing while lemon is great for helping with enlarged pores.  I swear since the over exposure to the sun, my pores are so visible it is mortifying.  Makeup only makes them look worse up close.  Applying anything right now also makes my skin hurt.  Right now I am hydrating like crazy and using lots of soothing things on my skin.

I had enough points on my sephora card to pick free gift! I had so many points because I usually pass on them.  This time they had Origins!  This Maskimizer came in the box of goodies and I was stoked to try it out.  It is meant to hydrate, soften, and condition skin to fully prep it for mask application and absorption.  This is meant to enhance your mask experience.

Voila! My DIY Fresh Face Catastrophe Cosmetic Lush Blueberry Mask.  It does not look like it texture or color wise but this mask worked awesome.  My skin feels so smooth and soft that the slight burn from the sun has calmed down.

As always, thanks for stopping in and checking out this weeks post.

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    1. To answer your question, if I do not have fresh berries on hand I use frozen ones. Not sure how well the mask would turn out being frozen and then unfrozen. The moisture might end up off and you might end up with a fruit and clay disk instead of a smooth mask.

      The recipes I create are to coincide with what you would already have in your kitchen. So for example if you have a batch of blueberries for baking or a smoothie you could spare a few for this mask. That is the idea with most of the recipes I create, use what you have available.

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