DIY Oxygen Mask Homemade Skincare Facial Friday #33

Homemade Oxygen Face Mask

DIY Oxygen Mask | Facial Friday #33

After all the exfoliation and treatments my skin could seriously use a brightening boost. Following last weeks product theme, I am using another pill meant to oxygenate and energize the body.  There are oxygen mask and facials that will do the same thing, oxygenate and energize the skin, creating a luminous glow to wake up fatigued, dull looking skin. An oxygen mask will bubble and dive into pores to clean them out.  An oxygen facial uses a machine that is similar to a airbrush gun to spray crispy cool air while also spraying the skin with a treatment serum. Oxygen facials are a favorite among celebrities for their instant effects and immediate glow to the skin. These facials can range anywhere from $150 to $200.

For this weeks mask I am doing some major experimenting.  I took my airbrush gun from my makeup kit and created a vitamin C solution to try my very own oxygen facial.

Oxygen Mask Face

Oxygen Mask


2 Vitamin C capsules

1 Tablespoon Alkaline water

Airbrush Gun

Mix the water and capsule and stir to dissolve the vitamin C.  Pour some of the mixture into the gun and on full blast, spray the skin.  Wear the solution for 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water.

Oxygen Face Mask Prep

This was definitely an amateur attempt at an oxygen facial because the pressure of my airbrush gun did not feel like it was penetrating deep into my pores.  For a quick fix to try it out, this worked great.  The purpose of the facial is to get a continuous flow of oxygen while blasting your skin with the serum at the same time.  This vitamin C solution is meant to treat my remaining acne and brighten up my skin.

Oxygen Face Mask Prep

Overall this attempt turned out decent.  I may try other solutions down the road when I can get my hands on a better quality oxygen machine.

DIY Oxygen Mask Facial

Currently my acne has moved into the hormonal zone of my face.  While I am still taking much time to center and focus myself, as a woman I will experience something during cycle.

Thanks for stopping in.  Have a great weekend!

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