Dry Skin Facial | Chocolatey Chocolate Cupcake Mask

Chocolate Cupcake Dry Skin Facial

Facial Friday #22

When I thought of fun mask to make this month, all I could focus on were cupcakes.  They are so cute and sweet!  Sometimes, I want to eat a whole box of them.  Then I say to myself, do not eat that cupcake!  Step away from the delicious cupcakes and do this mask instead!  I do not want all of that sugar to add to my hips or to make me break out.  At least with this dry skin facial I can smell that chocolatey cupcake goodness.

This blend of cocoa and cacao powder will give you a super antioxidant boost and the smell of chocolate will release those endorphins that make you feel all pleasantly happy.  Unless you hate chocolate, then this mask is not for you.

Instead of adding in a lactic acid like milk or yogurt, we are going to stick to an all cocoa/cacao mask today.  I am melting some Cacao butter and using this to moisten the mask.  Since we are using a butter, I would only recommend this for someone with very dry skin.  If you have oily skin or large pores, then mix in yogurt, honey, or milk instead.  I have large pores but I still have this darn rough texture around my nose and between my eyebrows.  Going back to talking to my dry skin divas, cacao butter is going to be deeply moisturizing for your skin.  This is a richly decadent mask and you may be tempted to eat it.  It is safe to eat but, we want to make your skin sing not add to your hips.  Every body is beautiful but excess sugar is just wrong and we all know this.

Chocolate Cupcake Dry Skin Facial

Chocolatey Chocolate Cupcake Mask Dry Skin Facial Ingredients

1 Tablespoon Rhassoul Clay

1 Tablespoon Raw Cane Sugar

1 Tablespoon Cacao powder

1 Tablespoon Cocoa powder

1/4 Teaspoon Organic Vanilla bean powder

1 Tablespoon Melted Cacao butter (or liquid of your choice)

1 Teaspoon Coconut oil (optional)

Mix your dry ingredients together and store in a container.  Take a few teaspoons of the powder add up to 1 Tablespoon of your liquid.  Depending on how thick you want your mask, add a little at a time.  Apply and wear for 10 – 15 minutes then rinse off with warm water.  Depending on how moisturized this made your skin, you may also use a warm wet towel to remove the mask and most of the oil.

Chocolate Cupcake Dry Skin Facial

Cocoa vs Cacao.  What do they even mean?


Cacao powder is the raw purest form of chocolate.  It is super high in antioxidants and considered a super food.  Cocoa powder is the heated form of cacao.  Although not as potent in benefits it is still good for you and retains a large amount of antioxidants.


Cacao butter is the cold pressed oil of a cacao bean.  This is considered a raw unrefined butter It was not heated during the processing so the chemical make up is not changed.  Cocoa butter subsequently is heated and has gone through stages of filtration.  Try to use unrefined butter or if you cannot find this use coconut oil.

 Chocolate Cupcake Dry Skin Facial

This dry skin facial mask turned out pretty runny and the sugar does not dissolve as quickly like it has in previous masks.  When rinsing off with super warm water, the sugar helped remove some of that rich buttery texture left from the mask.  Overall, this one was a winner! I am going to refrigerate the rest and see if I can whip it tomorrow to make it a more mousse like texture.  We shall see…

Chocolate Cupcake Dry Skin Facial

Thanks for popping in! Make it a great day!

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