French Strawberry Mask Facial Friday #20

It is Facial Friday!  It is also already February and I feel like time is already flying by.  Being the shortest month of the year, this post will be just that, short.  I am not sure what to say, except I want to say it all.  Life has a funny way of presenting things.  As time passes we are faced with new challenges and lessons we may have not ever been prepared for.  Maybe this is something I will share later but for now, especially this month just love the ones you love and, love them very close.  You never know when things will change.

I have had this giant tub of French Pink clay sitting in my stash and I was really excited to finally use it.  A little while back I started a natural skincare line but it did not feel like things I wanted to share, or bottle, or label.  I have always liked the type of skincare that mimicked cooking.  Just like with cooking you make it fresh and you use it up before it goes bad.  This is not something you can sell so I share.  Back to the clay, what I know so far is pink clay is a mixture of white kaolin clay and red clay and minerals.  As with all clays they are best used for detoxifying purposes because they can draw out impurities from the skin.  This French pink happens to be good for sensitives skins and can acts as a gentle cleanser as well.  I have combined that with strawberries because, what is a skincare without some antioxidants and some glycerine because it is winter and I like to retain as much moisture as possible.  That is it I will list some photos and ingredients.  Peace!

French Strawberry Mask!


1 Tablespoon French Pink Clay

2-3 Strawberries pureed

1/2 Teaspoon Glycerine

Puree the strawberries and mix in the clay and glycerine.  Apply mask and leave on for 10 – 15 and rinse off with warm water.

It is not as pink as I thought it would be.

Thanks for stopping by and remember to love one another and hold tight to those that matter most!

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