Grape, strawberry, honey Mask Facial Friday #18

Happy Facial Friday!  I hope you enjoyed me ripping the top layer of my skin off.  It was effective in getting the dead layer of skin,  but the pain of taking the glue off.  Yikes!!  I will try it as a pore strip on my nose next time but not the whole face, ever again!  Since I have a fresh new layer of skin I wanted to treat it to a hydrating and vibrantly brightening mask.


Grape, Strawberry, and Honey Mud Mask


1/4 Cup organic Grapes

1 Strawberry

1 Tablespoon Honey

1 1/2 Teaspoon Clay Powder

Blend all of the ingredients into a blender.  Use a facial brush to apply the mask.  Water for 10 – 15 minutes and rinse with warm water.


It almost looks like I am making a smoothie, ha! I guess this can double as that.  Not sure how you feel about ingesting clay.  Although I did read on the clay container you can ingest it for stomach ailments and food infections.  That makes sense, but I think charcoal works even better for something like that.  After blending it seemed a little on the runny side, so I added a touch of clay.


The more I looked at this mask while trying to get a good photo, the more gory I thought it looked and my initial reaction was to laugh at myself.  Haha!  The shit I come up with has me laughing all the time.  I am happy to share strawberry and grape gore and allIMG_4437

Thanks for stopping in and have a great weekend!

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