My Everyday Makeup and Application – How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup

Makeup has not been brought up as a post and I am a little shocked.  Those who know me well, know I am obsessed with makeup.  I used to think beautiful skin was because of a good makeup application.  Having the most troubled skin ever, I learned very quickly makeup looked terrible on unbalanced, irritated, troubled skin.  If anything it enhanced the troubled areas.  This is when I became obsessed with skincare but in this post it is all about makeup and how to apply makeup.

Usually I have very little time to do a full face of makeup.  I have a super simple routine I follow because I usually sleep until the last minute possible before rolling out of bed to start the day.  Resulting in less than 10 minutes to apply my face and then be out the door in time.

Below, are the products and tools I use every single day, except some Saturdays and Sunday.

Make up

Make up Brushes

I start with clean moisturized skin.  The moisturizer I use doubles as a primer.  I start with spraying the makeup finishing spray.  Yes! I use a setting spray as the starter!  I want to make sure that with my primer I am adding extra help to make sure my makeup stays put a full 8 hour shift.  While the moisturizer and primer make my skin look plump and hydrated. The spray will make the surface a little tacky and hold on to the foundation better.

Then I start with what I can only describe as a tribal drawing on my face with concealer and foundation.  I start to dab from the inner to outer parts of my face using a beauty blender with a couple drops of oil.  It is about 6 am here and I am sleepy.

How to Apply Makeup

How to Apply Makeup

I follow up with contour, not bronzer!  Why? because contour should be matte.  Bronzers have a golden tone, almost shimmer like that warms the skin and shadows are not warm so contour with a matte shade.  My skin is a golden honey brown so I contour with a cool toned light brown.  My friend who had cooler under tones has to use a warm chocolate brown.  Why? I guess opposites attract.

Then I apply a rose blush.  I spray some more finishing spray and then move on to my eyes. The steps are brows (fill in), curl lashes, add lash primer, mascara, lipstick that is a nude rose shade and then I am done!

Here is my everyday look.

How to Apply Makeup

If I want to do little more makeup I add these products.  From the same blush palette I will add some of the highlighter, then I apply eyeshadow into a somewhat cohesive look, I am obsessed with Anastasia’s shadow palettes.  I add liner to define my eyes if I add to much I end up with wings.  Sometimes I will use lashes with House of Lashes glue which is the best.

How to Apply Makeup

These are the tools required for adding a little more.

How to Apply Makeup

When I prefer to not dirty so many extra brushes, I will do a mono colored lid and call it a day.  Basically I take one eyeshadow color and apply it bold to my lash line.  With a fluffy blender blush I blend it up to my crease.  The color I use for this is Taupe.

This is my little extra look.

How to Apply Makeup

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