How To Wash and Sanitize Makeup Brushes

Ever wonder how do I wash and sanitize my makeup brushes? So did I! In this post I share how I wash and sanitize my own makeup brushes.  After a long weekend of making faces I have a nice big pile of brushes.  I wanted to share my methods on how I wash and sanitize makeup brushes.

Here are my favorite types of cleansers and sanitizer to use.  I love the Dr Bronners Pure-Castille soap and I use the bar and liquid form.   Isopropyl alcohol anything above 70%, I have yet to try grain alcohol but hesitant for people with gluten allergies maybe I can try potato vodka?  Essential oils, I prefer tea tree and lavender or anything that has anti bacterial properties that is safe to use on skin.


Depending on the brushes, clients or personal, my methods of sanitation are a little different.  I am not sure I can recall what I used before this method because it was so long ago, but by using my home made sanitation spray (recipe below) and natural soap method I managed to minimize my break outs.  Anything that touched my face even a just washed brush would irritate my skin.  Using things like brushes daily can be an easy culprit to why you are breaking out.

For my personal brushes I use Dr Bronners bar of soap that I store in a travel soap dish.  I use this method because it is quick and easy to use.  I also run my beauty blender sponge over this same bar of soap daily to wash.  I am reusing the same bar of soap which is why I keep this as my personal brush washing soap.  I do not ever use brushes I use on clients with this bar of soap.  It is all mine!


To wash clients brushes I use the Dr Bronners liquid soap and I use this textured silicon oven mit thing I found in the kitchen section at Macy’s for under $5.


Once the brushes are all washed I roll a towel like so…


Then I pile/balance all of the just washed brushes like so…

Sanitized makeup brushes

Then I spray them with my home made sanitizer spray.  The alcohol will help them dry quicker and the essential oils will make have sanitation benefits and make the brushes smell really good.

How to wash and sanitize makeup brushes

Here is my sanitation spray recipe.  I use this for everything!  I spray palettes, tools and spot clean brushes with this spray.  I literally spray everything down before, during, and after my makeup trials or personal use.


2 oz plastic or glass spray bottle

Isopropyl Alcohol

Essential Oils (Tea Tree and/or Lavender)

Using the 2 oz spray bottle pour in the essential oils.  In the photo is how much I used and I could not tell you how much it was exactly.  You be the judge and factor in fragrance level.  For this amount in the photo the fragrance is quite strong.  A little goes a long way.


I then top off the bottle with isopropyl alcohol, cover the bottle with the spray topper and then give the bottle a good martini style shake.  Then its ready for use.

Isopropyl alcohol

Since washing and sanitizing my brushes with this method, my brushes are dry by the next day and they smell lovely and clean.  I hope you find use for these methods and it helps your skin in another way you may have not realized could help.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a great day!

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