Laura Mercier Rose Facial Oil Review

Laura Mercier Rose Facial Oil

Laura Mercier Rose Facial Oil Review

This is my very first product review and the opening to my blog!

As I enter the next decade of my life I felt it was time to pamper my skin, even more than I have been.  I am beginning to invest in my skin and experiment with products of all recognition.For my first post I am reviewing the…

Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion De Rose Nourishing Oil

“Infusion De Rose is a supremely nourishing skincare enriched with Rosehip seed oil, that softens, smoothes, and balances skin.  This fast absorbing oil leaves skin with a healthy glow that is soft, radiant and renewed.” – Laura Mercier

Originally, I came across this product from my good friend who freelances for Laura Mercier.  He was doing a makeup demo for a wearable everyday look, and he incorporated this oil into his application. The look was gorgeous. It made the person’s skin have a beautiful glow.  The look was not oily in the slightest way.  It was simply a gorgeous, healthy, and dewy glow.  I was experimenting with custom blending foundation and this was perfect for my studies.  He gave me a 10 day sample of the rose oil and cream.  My skin at that time, was in a good place.  This took it from good to amazing–I had the glow!  People would question me about possible pregnancy.  I did not know if it was meant as a compliment, or an insult.  Either way my skin looked awesome!

Rose oil boxIMG_0730

A few months passed after sampling the rose oil and I finally purchased it full size. I found it at a local boutique for $62.  I went to the boutique intending to purchase the cream as well, but they only had the oil.

My skin prior to regular use of this rose oil, was crying out for help.  It had a rough texture, especially in my t-zone and this area for me is where my pores are very large and noticeable.  It is also the area I have an inflamed redness across my cheeks and on my forehead.  This could have been from excessive sun exposure over the summer, but it did not sting like a burn and it was only visable when I had no makeup on. My skin was also overproducing oil.  I was blotting 3-4 times daily, and began to get a lot of breakouts along my chin and on the sides along the hair line.

Laura Mercier rose oil use

After one week of regular use, this turned my skin around almost immediately.  The oil itself is very lightweight and absorbs very easily into the skin.  It is a blend of antioxidant rich oils.  Antioxidants are ideal for fighting off things in the environment that cause our skin to age quickly.  My oil production became regulated and my daily blotting was reduced down to maybe once a day.  The redness I was experiencing also seems to have calmed down a bit.

Laura Mercier Rose Facial Oil ingredients.

Laura Mercier Rose Oil ingredients

The Laura Mercier Rose Facial Oil does have a faint rose scent. In research on other reviews some consider it off putting. In my opinion,  the scent does not linger when you apply it.  After owning it for over a month the scent is barely noticeable at all.  If fragrance is a concern for you, I recommend sampling it before investing in this product.  If you have extremely sensitive skin, I would stick with more single note oils, like a sweet almond oil, or jojoba oil.  Of all the oils I have tried, this is by far the least fragrant.  I was using an oil that had such a potent fragrance, my husband would refer to it as the curry oil and then refuse to give me a goodnight kiss.  That oil was donated to a curious family member who loves to try any or all of my orphan products.

 Laura Mercier oil Laura Mercier rose oil bottle Laura Mercier bottle dropper

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