Lemon Enzyme Mask – Homemade Skincare – Facial Friday #29

Homemade Skincare

This week is my first attempt at a DIY enzyme treatment in my Homemade Skincare adventures.  I have noticed when there is a shift in the weather, my pores tighten and those pesky little blackheads and white heads form.  Thus leaving me with a horrible, rough texture and visible little white things poking out of my skin around my nose, between my brows, and under and around my mouth.  Trying to cover these with make up does not help and makes them appear worse.  The mask I prepared last week did not have a lasting effect to remedy the little white head problem I am having.  Seriously, these little hardened sebum squatters are all snug and cozy in my pores and will not budge!

With all this skin drama, you may wonder what a lemon enzyme will do to remedy this situation.  I am going to explain it to you in Tina Terms.  An enzyme is an organic substance found in some fruits that will digest the surface layer skin cells on your face.  Last week I mentioned focus on exfoliation for the change of season. If you have read all my post you would remember from my exfoliation post there are two types of exfoliators, mechanical and chemical.  This enzyme mask would be a chemical exfoliant.  I have sensitive skin and tend to stick to chemical exfoliation because they work well with any skin type.  Do not let the word chemical scare you.  Sometimes scrubbing will make my skin so tender so I try to stay away from to much skin movement, if I can help it.

Now, there are estheticians out there that would black list me for this.  I am not sure if I would recommend it, but this is all in the name of natural skin health and I am trying it! Based on the title of my post you already know that I am using lemon.

Homemade Skincare

The process for this lemon enzyme mask is: take a lemon, slice it, I took the butt end, then rub the cut side, minus the seeds, over my face.  Let it sit on my face for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse of with warm water.

Homemade Skincare

After this enzyme mask process I took raw honey and masked for another 5-10 minutes.  Having sensitive skin I wanted to make sure to nourish my skin from chemical process I subjected myself to.

Homemade Skincare

Following this mask, I applied a layer of aloe.  This one, my husband picked up for himself, and I borrowed.  I have actually used it everyday for a week now and it has added the extra protection and moisture boost I needed with my moisturizer.

Homemade Skincare

After my layer of aloe I added a layer of this moisturizer by Mario Badescu.  This skincare line was one of the first lines I started using when going to a more natural ingredient based products.  It has been a decade and some years since I have used the brand.  I think there was a reformulation on the ingredients and I stopped using them but have been slowly trying them again.  My first thought was how simple and straightforward their packaging was, and I loved every single thing I used in the line.  Maybe I will do a haul on my old favorites? Comment in my instagram if you would like to see something like that.

Mario Badescu

There are other fruits that can be used as an enzyme mask and I have already used a few in prior post.  I may have called them an exfoliant.  Some others are apples, papaya, pineapple, and grapes.  While using the lemon it was not at all unpleasant,  I always imagined this horrible burning sensation from trying this and it could be why it has taken me so long to even try it. I am wondering about the after effects on my skin though.  That is typically when I can tell something went wrong.  I get itchy, or my skin blotches up.  My textured seems much smoother but in the areas of trouble there are still some sticking around.  I will do different cuts of the lemon to get to these areas better.  I will be doing a followup mask in a few days and posting that on instagram if you are interested.

  I am not a professional by means of medically practiced but lets be real.  If you have open lesions from break outs, or you recently exfoliated your skin, use common sense people and do not try this.  Wait for a more appropriate time to try it.  Also lemon juice, like lemon oil or any citrus oils, will cause photosensitivity meaning your skin will be sensitive in sunlight.  I suggest again practicing common sense and trying this at night.

If the lemon or any of the fruits I mentioned above are to much for your skin type, try diluting it with another ingredient.  This will dilute the enzyme effect but you want to be safe.

Just to recap, if you would like to know what my favorite Mario Badescu products were comment in my instagram and I will post and share.  A follow up on the results will also be posted to instagram in  a few days.

Thank you for stopping by! Make it a great day!

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