Adding a new step, exfoliation…

By the title of my post you may think,  what the hell has she been doing with her skin this entire time? Before,  I was doing a whole lot of everything.  I thought to myself that it should not be that complicated.  Along with my recent years purge,  I have simplified my regime.  Down to the bare minimum, as a skin reset.   Skins normal cell turnover for the average adult is about 28 days. The cell turnover rate can also slow down with age, lifestyle, and health.  I stuck to a very minimal routine for almost a year.

This minimal routine was achieved by not using chemical laden products and instead using products with very simple ingredients.  Just cleansing and moisturizing.  Super minimal, I know!  I deep cleanse at night and rinse cleanse in the am and moisturize morning and evening. Through this process I have pinpointed my common problems and have a fresh start on how to correct and manage these issues.

The first step I am adding back to my regime is exfoliation.


What is exfoliation?  It is peeling or sloughing of the outer most layer of dead skin cells.  It is a sort of good scrubbing you are giving your skin achieved by a tool (mechanical) or product (chemical) to get rid of the top most layer of skin cells that are mostly dead.  Why is it beneficial?  That top layer of skin cells is a mixture of sebum (oil) and dead skin. Washing your face is good but exfoliating is ensuring you are getting rid off all the crap that can clog your pores and cause breakouts.

To start I will exfoliate every 2 -3 days, then every other day, to almost every single night.

IMG_2509 (1)

I have to admit this was the hardest to give up in my pursuit of minimal strip down of my skin care habits.  For the longest time I have had this rough texture.  I cannot wait to get back to giving my skin a good scrub down.    I am also experiencing crazy hormonal acne on my chin and neck.  Hormonal acne can be hard to get rid of but I am hoping by adding back exfoliation it will help with the worst most noticeable of it.

Thanks for stopping by.  Lets make it a great day! If not for yourself then try to make someone else day, truly we need more of the feel goods going around.

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