Pumpkin Honey Mud Mask Facial Friday #8

It is Facial Friday!! I have been wanting to make a Honey Mud mask for some time now.  I first saw this type of mask while looking at a brand called May Linstrom Skincare.  Ok, I was more like oogling at her products.  This line has some of the most naturally luxurious ingredients I have ever seen, for a pretty penny.  If I had more pretty pennies, oh honey!!!  I would be all over this collection.  Currently being a student and saving for a house, I’d rather spend the pennies I earn on raw materials than on one little jar of product.  I do not discredit the good people in the industry creating magic skincare and pricing them the way they do.  Some ingredients are rare and hard to find and rather than buying the ingredient I would rather get a ticket skincare item and see how it works.  Experimenting can turn out wasteful especially if you make a bad product.  For now I will save and try products from my wish list and carry on with my facial cooking.


Normally at this time of the year it is very cold and semi/almost snowy.  That is not the case this year and my skin is happy about that.  The weather has cooled down and I can feel it in my skin, that feeling you get from the cold dry air.   I drive a distance to my day job and I will switch from hot to cool air,  that usually blows directly onto my face.  This is much worse when it’s snowy out because in order to reach my destination successfully I have to keep the windshield vents on full blast to keep the snow and ice from piling up, times that by 30 – 45 minutes drive and you get an overly heated dried out skin tone that needs all the remedy in the world.  For my day job I am in doors in a dry stagnant aired office, no circulation, no fresh air, all florescent lighting (gasp) I know!!  I do love the four season though.  The snow is beautiful in the winter and lakes are beautiful in the summer.

By the end of the month you are going to want me to move on from pumpkin but will appreciate your soft skin texture.  Pumpkin has of course been added to this first Honey Mud mask attempt.    The spices I choose have antioxidant benefits and can add a little microcirculation action.  Microcirculation gets the blood flowing and things moving, like toxins and debris out of the skin.  Honey is a wonder, an amazing wonder and skin ingredient.  I have been researching ethical honey harvesting and someday will make my own shared by the hard working bee babies.  There are methods of doing this and taking small quantities as to not disturb or ruin a whole bee civilization.  But I am not here to show you that,  I am all about the end raw products and how they can be mixed to create skincare!  I use jojoba because it most mimics our natural skins oils.  I also added some withchazel because it acts as an anti-inflammatory and the clays make the mud part and pull toxins of course!!!  I guess I am all about making a point with the !!!! marks today!  Here are some of the product brands I use.


Pumpkin Honey Mud Mask


Raw Honey 1 Tablespoon

Pumpkin puree 1/2 Tablespoon

Redmond Clay 1 Tablespoon

Kaolin Clay 1 Tablespoon

Jojoba oil 1 teaspoon

Witch Hazel 1 teaspoon

Turmeric 1/4 teaspoon

Ginger powder 1/4 teaspoon


Based on the ingredients and how I wanted the end mask result,  I started to make this one as I would for a cake batter recipe.  First take all of your wet ingredients the honey, pumpkin, jojoba, witch hazel and stir or use a mini whisk and mix until there are no clumps.


I then added the spices and whisked the mixture making sure it was a smooth runny consistency. Then I slowly incorporated the clay mixture until I got this fluffy mixture.



Final result is this whipped honey mud mask with a light spicy pumpkin honey scent.  The mask never fully dries and I wore it for nearly 20 minutes.  The end result is soft skin and my moisture is maintaining nicely rather than feeling tight as I have been experiencing due to the weather.  Things  I would do differently with this one would be to add little more oil or witch hazel to make it a lighter fluffy texture.  This was a pretty thick consistency but the mask turned out which is always the goal.

Thanks for stopping by!  I know it has been crazy lately especially if you live here in the states and are experiencing the emotions after the elections.  All I have to say is we need to stick together and lift each other up everyday!  Make it a great day! Stay positive!

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