Sugar and Spice Pumpkin Scrub – Facial Friday #9

Now that we are near the holidays, just a week away to be exact.  Time has gone by in the blink of an eye.  Some one make it stop or slow down, just a little bit.  Currently I work a full time job, I am working towards operating this blog more full time,  there is the aromatherapy course I am pursuing and just for shits and giggles I thought, let me just throw in going back to school on top of this towering pile, to earn a degree.  Oh and yes, I am a wife, sister, daughter, auntie, and friend.  I truly only have myself to blame, but I love all the different variables that keep me busy.  I love every minute of it.  In the past I used to sit and think who am I, and what is my thing, what is my purpose?  Ever have that moment?  Do not lie to me, I am sure you have all been there.  If your are not there yet I apologize if this is your wakeup call asking you those same things.  If this is your first time thinking that, take a deep breath.  My advice is to stay true to yourself and if you keep thinking about it with no rest, if it does not leave your mind even for a second, then it is what you should pursue.  Regardless of what it may be.  Just go for it little by little everyday.  I believe in you!


This weeks mask I have created another super simple facial scrub with ingredients I have used throughout this months Facial Fridays.  I love to open my fridge or pantry and think what should I put on my face today?  True to the seasons theme I have cooked up another yummy pumpkin facial. I hope you are enjoying the simplicity of how I create these facial products.  If you get cooking on your own skin care please tag me with #essentialmaleover #facialfridays on instagram.  If anyone out there is listening, I would love to see your creations.

Pumpkin Sugar and Spice Facial Scrub


3 Tablespoons raw sugar (white, or brown is more gentle)

1/4 Pumpkin pie spice

1 Teaspoon organic pumpkin puree

1 Teaspoon Jojoba oil

Combine all the ingredients in a small bowl.  I applied a layer and lightly scrubbed in circular motions all over my face.  If you have very sensitive skin I would recommend the brown sugar as I have noticed it is less abrasive.


After lightly scrubbing my face I did follow up with last weeks Pumpkin Honey Mud mask.


After the mask, I applied my moisturizer and followed up with this sleeping mask.


Overall I am in love with this scrub as I am with all the products I make.  They all serve the purpose I set out to use when I create them and this one did a fantastic job.  My skin texture was getting rough and dried due to the drop in temperature and this helped me remedy that rough skin texture.

We have one more week of Facial Friday in the month of November 2016 and I promise you it will be one more pumpkin mask and then I am hanging it up for the year! The pumpkin frenzy that is.  I promise!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great weekend!!

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