Homemade Rose Water Face Mask – Facial Friday #24

It is Facial Friday and today I experimented with making rose water.  This will not be to wordy—I would like the photos to do the talking.  The photo in the intro is of me, all in red, in honor of International Women’s Day.  My friend requested I make her into Friday Kahlo and to practice I tried a version on myself.  Her photos will be at the end of this post.

Pictures of roses on a table

Rose Water



Water (boiling hot)

I added the roses to my French press.  My husband and I are tea drinkers.  This press makes us big batches of tea.  My perfect vessel to steep the rose petals.  To make the rose water, I started by adding the rose petals into my container.  This was about four or five roses worth of petals I could fit in the container.

I poured my hot water in and let it steep for a while before starting to move the press down.  The color looked amazing and I was starting to get excited.

After a little more time, the color started to deepen.  This is when the panic set in for me.  I did not think it was suppose to turn into such a deep color.

Here in this picture, I knew something was off and I needed to speak to a professional.  One of my dear friends, who is a Florist, dropped by and gave me the bad news I was expecting to hear.

This was not what I was expecting at all!  The smell of the water was like old wet flowers.  My friend, the Florist, said they smelled like they were about to turn and start molding.  We tried several times to dilute the end product. We ended up with some rosy blue tinted water, and it was still to deep in color.  This photo was after taking about two tablespoons of the end product and diluting.

Lesson of this facial experiment. Buy local made flowers.  The flowers I purchased may have been produced commercially, and I believe there was dye used to produce the color of the flowers.  This was a major fail but I will attempt again with some fresh lush roses.

My beautiful, dreaded haired, friend asked me to give her a Frida Kahlo makeover and here are some photos of the turn out.  This was such an inspiring project and I cannot wait to do more.

Creativity is experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun. Mary Lou Cook.

Sometimes it is with amazing family and friends who let you do just that and join in with you, and encourage you everyday.

Thank you for stopping by.  Make it a great day!!!

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