Wine Country Inspired Mask – Facial Friday #5

Welcome back to another travel journal and Facial Friday Mask post!!  This past weeks travel brought me to Michigan’s wine country, Traverse City. This trip inspired me for this week’s mask. We will be making a DIY Hydrating Face Mask. During the beginning of the fall season is my favorite time to go up state and venture to new places the State has to offer.  The colors change in the landscapes and the scenery is just gorgeous.  Unfortunately we had a warmer than usual summer and the colors had not yet even begun to change.  It was still so beautiful!


  You know I am about that unique shell and rock life.  My husband caught me picking through the sand.


Our first winery stop was this corn maze, winery, cider place and they had the best cider I have ever tasted.  I did not get the name because there was a lot of driving, wineries, and ciders had during this trip.


We walked through a nature preserve and here is my beautiful sister in law. We sported these scarves all weekend.  It may look sunny and beautiful but the temperature was about a 50 – 60 and with the wind blowing was cold.  I am currently obsessed with these scarves, they are indeed multi functional for this state and season.  If you are in the north and its getting cold, these scarves are a must!

Essential Makeover

The Michigan lakes are amazing! Fresh water and crystal clear!  You will find these flat rocks everywhere, and sometimes they are piled up into mini or gigantic towers all over the beach.

Traverse City Michigan

Traverse City Michigan

This awesome Michigan decor wood work was at the 45 North winery.  We had a private tasting in their upstairs loft area and this was #3 or was it #4 stop on our tour? By this point I was having all the water I could get my hands on.


Wine tasting

I stopped halfway through our tour and only had water the rest of the day.  It is important to stay hydrated especially during so much travel.  My skin needed the hydration.  I have randomly read drinking water was not getting to your cells to actually hydrate them and blah!  Hydrate people!! its important because your inside cells still need it.  I get so annoyed when people make something healthy sound like its not a big deal!  Mini rant over.

Wine Tasting Michigan Essential Makeover

There are rows and rows and hills upon hills boasting these purple jewels.  They are just so pretty to look at!  I am a sucker for fruits, herbs, plants, botanical, or nature at its finest.  Its just amazing the things that grow and the amazing benefits a single plant can provide.

Grapes on the vine

Glass of water

This last stop was a sparkling wine that was really champagnes but I guess since it is not from Champagne, France so it is considered a wine winery ha!  The winery is called Mawby Winery? I think.  It was a unique concept I have not seen before.  I had Rosso and Sex!  Thats right, and I would have had a lot more Sex but the cheese and crackers distracted me and then we had to leave.  If you are ever upstate Michigan check out our beautiful Traverse City and book a bus with friends.  You will not regret it.

Sex Champagne

I was inspired by this trip to make a wine mask.  I am still using the yogurt sugar combo here for that lactic and glycolic acid benefit.  As a reminder these are mild gentle chemical exfoliation.  I am adding some redmond clay for a little detox action and the red wine for the antioxidants and resveratrol.  Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that has major anti aging properties!

Wine Country Mask


1 Tablespoon Redmond Clay

1 Tablespoon Greek Yogurt

1 Tablespoon raw cane sugar

2 Tablespoons Red Wine (good quality, organic if available)

In a small bowl combine all ingredients well.  Apply a generous thick layer and let it sit for 15-20 minutes while you sip some wine.  Rinse well and try not to keep rubbing and touching your face.  At least for me it was unbelievably smooth!

DIY Hydrating face mask wine country

Wine Hydrating Face Mask

I seriously cannot get over the amazing color this mask made.

DIY Hydrating Wine Face Mask

I hope you are enjoying my travels and mask inspirations.  I love making these and sharing.  I know the detail and direction is a bit unclear at this point but I will continue to share until I find my way.  Till next time!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend! Enjoy this DIY Hydrating Face Mask.

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